SDSoC C-Based Design

Support and examples for Xilinx’s C-based development flow

iVeia is an SDSoC development environment-qualified Xilinx Alliance Member and offers platform support and examples for iVeia’s Zynq®-based System-on-a-Module solutions, including Atlas-I-Z7e™ (7020) and Atlas-II-Z7x™ (7030/7035/7045).

Platform Definitions

The following platform definitions are available for download. You must be a registered user to download these files. Please register here

Platform NameSystem-on-a-ModuleZynq Device(s)Base BoardDescription
atlas_i_z7e_captivaAtlas-I-Z7e7020CaptivaVideo and image processing development using GigE Vision input from a PC or compatible camera and HDMI output
atlas_i_z7e_mosaic_ddcAtlas-I-Z7e7020MosaicSignal and software-defined radio processing platform including RTL-optimized digital-down converter (DDC) bank


The following examples are available for download. These examples demonstrate the SDSoC flow using the platforms above. You must be a registered user to download these files. Please register here

ExampleSupported Platform(s)Description
Canny Edge Detectionatlas_i_z7e_captivaA complete “C” code implementation of the popular edge detection algorithm accelerated using SDSoC
FRS Radio Receiveratlas_i_z7e_mosaic_ddcReceives and demodulates several FRS radio channels simultaneously. Uses SDSoC to accelerate the FRS demodulation code


About SDSoC

The Xilinx SDSoC™ development environment is a member of the Xilinx SDx™ family that provides a greatly simplified ASSP-like C/C++ programming experience including an easy to use Eclipse IDE and a comprehensive design environment for heterogeneous Zynq® All Programmable SoC and MPSoC deployment. Complete with the industry’s first C/C++ full-system optimizing compiler, SDSoC delivers system level profiling, automated software acceleration in programmable logic, automated system connectivity generation, and libraries to speed programming.

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