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I/O Modules

Mini-Flex and FMC Advanced I/O Adapters

Mini-Flex I/O Modules

iVeia’s Mini-Flex I/O modules are multi-standard flexible modules that are 1/3 the size of FMC adapters and half the profile height. Despite the small size these modules are full-featured and provide advanced, concentrated I/O for iVeia’s platforms or for your own custom system.

  • Dual-channel 16-bit 250 MSPS ADC
  • Quad 14-bit 125 MSPS ADC
  • Low-Power 14-bit 125 MSPS ADC
  • Modulating 1 GSPS DAC
  • Dual-channel 12-bit 1.5 GSPS ADC
  • High-bandwidth 12-bit 3.0 GSPS ADC
  • Camera Link Adapter

iVeia’s VPX-1 and Sierra products support Mini-Flex I/O adapters.

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FMC Adapter Modules

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